Acutek is a turnkey solution provider for TV everywhere. We recognize that the success of feature rich interactive TV content requires a proven platform that’s not only fully supported, but is also customizable and dependable.

Our comprehensive service ensures that the end subscriber will have a phenomenal user experience that is not only appealing and easy to use, but is also cost effective.

To date, Acutek holds the sole partnership agreement in North America with Beenius, the premiere middleware developer of Beesmart. Beesmart is a telco grade service that’s rich with interactive TV content. It’s extremely flexible design allows it to be used in a multitude of environments, including but not limited to IPTV, CaTV, and OTT. The Beesmart middleware platform is currently actively deployed on over 400,000 systems worldwide.

By seamlessly integrating this successful platform with our client’s existing infrastructure, we are committed to delivering a complete, robust solutions specifically tailored to each of our client’s needs, quickly and effectively, at an exceptional value.

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