Industry Updates

For better or for worse: Kid at wedding breaks $132K art – CNET

A boy attending a Kansas wedding reception tried to “hug” a one-of-a-kind mosaic artwork, to disastrous results. …

Mexico World Cup fans jump with joy, cause small earthquake – CNET

There was a whole lotta shaking going on in Mexico City as fans celebrated their national team beating Germany. …

Europe's oldest human fossil could be almost 1 million years old – CNET

Testing dates the fossil’s teeth at between 772,000 and 949,000 years old.

Machines can now finish the Rubik's Cube without human help – CNET

First the Rubik’s Cube. Next? A bigger Rubik’s Cube probably.

The Curiosity Rover took this selfie in the middle of a dust storm on Mars – CNET

The Curiosity Rover looks like a million bucks regardless of the weather. Work it!

Incredibles 2: Elastigirl shines in charming Pixar superhero sequel – CNET

Review: Can you believe it’s been 14 years? Pixar remakes the superhero family for 2018, while staying true to the 2004 original. …

The CNET Smart Garden comes to life – CNET

Check out the smart garden in action.

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