Industry Updates

2020 Cadillac CT5 offers lots of standard kit starting below $38,000 – Roadshow

Pricing for non-2.0-liter variants will be announced at a later date.

Watch the 2020 Chevy Corvette's trick GPS front-lift tech in action – Roadshow

Chevrolet’s new C8 Vette takes life-easing tech popularized by Ferrari and Lamborghini and makes it worlds better with a few lines of code. …

FaceApp was a test. We didn't pass. – CNET

Commentary: Our inability to draw lines when it comes to our personal data is a real problem, with real ramifications. This won’t age well. …

2020 Chevy C8 Corvette may get hybrid or electric variants, report says – Roadshow

The base Stingray hasn’t even been out for a day, but already people are looking forward.

Instagram is now hiding photo 'like' counts in 7 countries – CNET

It’s just a test — for now.

Japanese anime studio fire kills 33, mostly women, in suspected arson – CNET

Police have a suspect in custody in Thursday’s blaze at Kyoto Animation.

I ate insects at Comic-Con and now I want more – CNET

Can eating crickets keep humanity off the apocalypse train? Snowpiercer gives it a shot at San Diego Comic-Con. …

Are you a Nintendo Switch docker or hander? – CNET

The upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite is forcing gamers to choose between handheld-only and TV-compatible versions of the console. …

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