About Acutek

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer best of class solutions to our clients by providing fully customizable, robust and feature-rich solutions.

Our Vision

We envision your success through our best of breed technologies that enables you to focus on your core business. We are only successful when your business flourishes through our unique suite of solutions.

Who we are

Founded in 2005, Acutek Solution is located in Bellevue, Washington. We formed Acutek Solution and started to make strategic partnerships with key players in the industry to offer our unique solutions. Each Acutek Solution integrators and Acutek engineers have experienced working directly in a higher education institution or in a large enterprise company.

We believe in giving our clients choices and flexibilities. The Acutek Solution’s system is designed with this in mind. We can take the integration and customization from beginning to end. We can work with your existing infrastructure or we can deploy our entire system customized to your specific requirements.

What we do:

Acutek Solution is a technology integrations and software solutions company. We tailored our solutions to match an organization’s set of goals. We provide consulting and solutions in the following industries:

All of our services are based on Green IT Framework to provide an environment where business and IT can work together to fulfill all operational needs, using proactive model that defines processes and standard procedures to gain efficiency and effectiveness. Green IT Framework promotes a logical approach to decision-making, communication, deployment, and support of IT services. Our infrastructures and solutions can be tailored to support Tier 3 companies and fully scalable up to Tier 1 companies.

Acutek Solution pulls together the skills and experiences from all our target industries to create cutting edge technology solutions and develop software as a service (SaaS), products designed to enable organizations be more competitive and successful.

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